5 Resume Themes That Will Get You Hired

Any professional in the tech and internet age knows that a strong personal brand is what catapults opportunities further. Though building a personal brand is not what is always at top of mind for many,

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How I Found The Perfect WordPress Theme: Thrive Themes Review

There are many WordPress themes, such as Thrive Themes, that are available from simple personal blog themes to large multi-structure platform themes. Surprisingly, with all of the available options, I

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How to integrate podcasting into WordPress website

When you integrate podcasting into WordPress, it allows you to take your business message to your target market. Podcasting is basically an audio series where you can share your knowledge for a specific

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6 Directories where you can promote your podcast

To help you promote your podcast, a compilation of the top directories where you can submit your podcast will be shared in this blog post. The top 5 directories have different processes and the details

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Choosing tools for your podcast that will help you get started

As you are choosing tools for your podcast, there are several things to keep in mind: Where will you do your podcast, who will participate, the topic and content for it; and the tools that you will use.

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What are custom post types and how to use them

Just as diverse as the WordPress platform is, there are different custom post types that you can use to meet your content needs. Each of the types can allow you to create special post for content such

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