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5 Resume Themes That Will Get You Hired

Any professional in the tech and internet age knows that a strong personal brand is what catapults opportunities further. Though building a personal brand is not what is always at top of mind for many, and when the time comes to look for new paths of opportunity time is limited. To help with this, here are 5 resume themes that get you hired, or help be seen as an authority for any opportunity you may be reaching for.

Sarah – Paid

With large banner and background images, Sarah lets you focus on creating an unforgettable experience for your contacts. This theme is the perfect option if you’d like to create a well-rounded display of your experience and previous projects, without the added extras like blogging and content features.

Premium Layers – Paid

Another perfect option to showcases your skills, with less focus on images and large banners. The added blogging features allow you to showcase your authority in a simplistic way, while also providing a relevant look into your interests and passions. A great alternative or supplement for job searching, it takes the power of a resume and re-invents it into a personal website.

AWSM – Paid

With a responsive layout that focuses on minimalistic designs, it sure way to put a spotlight on your creativity and passions. The theme is built with complete SEO factors integrated to help with your organic discovery, as well as easy site changes with unlimited colors and layouts.  Shortcodes are also included to set your organizational skill-set ahead with buttons to display project samples, columns, and displays for those consulting services. Like the name suggests, this theme is awesome.

Massive Dynamic – Paid

Clean design and immersing media are what sets this theme apart. Builton top of a multi-design customizable framework including corporate, blog, e-commerce, and other landing pages. In short, this theme provides top customizable options that get you seen.

SimpleResume – Free

With the best kind of price tag, free, you are delivered with a premium quality personal landing page that displays your experience with authority. The layout of content features includes biography, skills list, employment history, education history, portfolio, and current projects/software list. When you are faced with the need and desire for a professional layout with a one-page experience, SimpleResume is your path to discovery and opportunity, and best of all, with no price tag and open source code for continual community-powered updates.


The Key: Relevant and Organized Information

With each one of these resume themes, they display information differently, with varying organization. That’s what personal branding with a personal website is all about, displaying relevant information in an organized fashion to an easily understandable degree. That’s what gets you hired and discovered for authority, whichever theme you use, keep this key guideline in mind.

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