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A little bit about Kim Beasley:

Have you ever tried to face your business fears, understand yourself and think about crafting your business message, Kim has been there too. She made the leap and she can help you make the leap too. Getting her start as a Creative Introverted Entrepreneur (CIE) back in 1999, she decided to leave her full-time job. Leaving her job meant that she needed to have a way to replace her income. During this time, she also became a Corporate Technical Consultant while managing her part-time business. As of 2005, she went full-time in her business and have been growing it every since.

Even though she loves her introverted private times and working from home, she also has been able to embrace her inner extrovert traits to grow her business. Her business has grown from a one-woman shop to where she now has a team of contractors working with her to continuing growing. As a Creative Introverted Entrepreneur Coach she can help you focus on the important aspects of your dream business while being centered in on what’s most important to you.