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How I Found The Perfect WordPress Theme: Thrive Themes Review

There are many WordPress themes, such as Thrive Themes, that are available from simple personal blog themes to large multi-structure platform themes. Surprisingly, with all of the available options, I find not enough robust and actionable WordPress themes that bring (overload) customization. While at the same time, still staying optimized for conversions to grow your business and products without using too many external plugins.

I’ve recently discovered a theme network, Thrive Themes, which brings WordPress for marketing to another level with easier customization and wholly optimized for conversions and growing your site.

Variety of Themes by Thrive Themes

I often find that the only themes that are optimized for conversions are landing pages or product pages. Thrive Themes not only includes landing pages with each theme, the individual theme goes beyond landing pages with blogging and other content themes.

Thrive Themes offers a variety of conversion themes that are perfect for blogs, products, landing pages, content, small business, and corporate users, not just themes left to common marketing use cases. Themes are professionally optimized for speed, user engagement, search engine ranking, and responsiveness.

I particularly favor the bonus landing pages they include with every theme, styled to match your primary site, fully customizable and optimized to create an actionable landing page for getting people to take action. I can easily use these landing pages for webinars, email newsletters, courses, marketing campaigns, and whatever else I need a quality landing for.

thrive themes review - art of visibility - business visibility
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An Easy All-in-One Editor

Every single page in the themes is 100% customizable with the Thrive Themes Content Builder, offering easy “click to edit” customizations. I can harness the power of WordPress, with a “click to edit” editor feature I can get in a website builder solution that is not nearly as affordable and powerful.

I have tried other editors that claim to be drag and drop, but in the end are clunky editors that don’t even display what I’m editing. That’s what I love about the Thrive Themes Content Builder, it's clicking to edit, meaning I can edit the site exactly the way I see it, and my customers it. With an easy click of a template button, you can also generate sample pages including sales, opt-in, legal, and blog pages for easy editing.

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All The Plugins You Need

I’ve always had a problem with using too many plugins in WordPress to add the functionality and marketing advantage that I need. Using too many plugins can result in a slow website, resulting in lost customers as well as a decrease in SEO rank.

Thrive Themes takes this problem away with marketing features typically only delivered by plugins built right into the themes and even more features with all in one plugins.

Is Thrive Themes A Right Fit for You?

Thrive Themes offers me more conversions, more leads, and more revenue, all in one theme network. With other extra plugins available from Thrive Themes like Ultimate Scarcity Marketing Tool, which offers a systematic approach in conversions using the “Fear of Missing Out” approach to call to actions, an email list building tool, Thrive Leads, and many others that are included right in a Thrive Theme. All of this makes it the perfect fit for my go-to WordPress marketing solution theme.

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