Signup for WordPress Website Support

WP Support offers you 4 different WordPress Website Support plans that you can choose from so that we can assist you with you website. Check out the plans below and then choose the one that works best for you.

WordPress Website Support Plans

 $99 (monthly retainer)$199 (monthly retainer)$499 (monthly retainer)
PRO Member only blog posts
Monthly Training Hangout once per month 
Plugin Updates
WordPress & Theme updates
Website page modification & additions  
Access to WordPress video training
Website report (monthly)  
Comprehensive SEO analysis  
Search engine ranking tracker  
Access to private WordPress Website Support Desk
Live chat via private help desk
Setup website backup service 
Monthly security scan of website  
Troubleshooting website issues
30-minute monthly phone support  
Total websites supported1up to 2up to 3
Total hours included monthly2 hours4 hours6 hours
By choosing to process payment, you are agreeing to the statement below. [wlm_paypalps_btn name=”WBSBronze Product” sku=”DB03831B32″ btn=”pp_pay:s”][wlm_paypalps_btn name=”WBSSilver Product” sku=”6209DA8BE4″ btn=”pp_pay:s”][wlm_paypalps_btn name=”WBSGold Product” sku=”3342CA7A10″ btn=”pp_pay:s”]

WordPress Website Support - WP Support
For the Pay As You Go option, it is $79 per hour and you have up to 30 days to use what you pay for because it does not carry over past the 30 days. [wlm_paypalps_btn name=”PayAsYouGo Product” sku=”D922AB5130″ btn=”pp_pay:s”]

NOTE: We enjoy seeing our clients have successful websites and providing you with excellent WordPress website support. As we maintain your website on a monthly basic, our goal is to make sure everything flows smoothly. Key to everything flowing smoothly is communicating with the WP Support team in a timely manner. If you want to cancel your support services following the required 3-months minimum, please complete the contact form to make an official request. If you want to include additional websites in your monthly support, above the total allowed, please submit a support ticket via the support desk and we will be in contact with you regarding the request.